BTC Analysis Series 1 || Bat Pattern

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I did two separate analyses in daily and 4-hour time zones. February 2021 and the current time of BTC in the 4-hour time graphic caught my attention. I put a screenshot in the left corner of the map. It's just a resemblance. I don't mean it will.

When we examine it in the one-day timeframe, we see a bat pattern in the chart it has drawn up to its current position. But I have to say , if you measure by turning the candlestick chart into a line chart, the bat pattern turns into a shark pattern.
You decide which is more reliable.

I've already analyzed this area on Shark pattern in an analysis I've done in a different language. I think only 1 of the TP. he worked as Target support.

In our analysis, the bat I will go through the pattern and leave it to time.

When I examine the bat pattern , I think TP can come to 0.382 and 0.618 fibonacci support points. I indicated these points on the map.

I intend to continue my analysis in different time periods as an analysis series. In this case, our analysis of this series 1 . analysis. In our future analyses, some of them will be simulation analyses based on Indicator data.
In addition, we will also do an analysis through indicator data and add it to our series. I wish you plenty of money already.

Note: it is not investment advice. Opinions are purely personal.

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