BTC Analysis Series 2 || Indicator and oscillator data

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We will analyze indicator data at Btc .

Aroon ;
We can tell from the long-running parallel channel movements that there is a jam. It is possible to see that price movements in CMF and CCI do not make a candle close enough to cause a strong signal by the Aroon indicator. This long-term parallel going can realize a strong refraction.
The fact that Aroon Up has been at the top for a long time and is performing a downward break in the present time may be a harbinger that the trend will experience a downward break.
In short, Aroon signals a trend return. But we'll see if it's going to be a strong break or not.
I also use fibonacci data in indicators. in my measurement at the point where the last channel trend began, I see that the signal is at 1,618 refraction points when I write this analysis right now.
You may not take this measurement seriously. Of course, your own observations will be best for your choices.

Looking at the stochastic rsi moving average, I think that %K and %D are in an unstable state. At first glance, you might think that this is a weakening in momentum. But signal trend angles may actually indicate that buyers and sellers remain undecided about the direction of the trend.
However, we can see that the refractive angle of %K is more aggressive than %D. I think that even if the momentum weakens and prices have shown a downward trend, buyers are still greedy. The Greed Index is now over 75. This, in fact, supports my strong upward slope at K%.
As a result, even if btc is going to make a correction from here, I don't expect it to be a very stressful aggressive decline.

I wrote an indicator that gets the CCI and Atr indicator proportional with Pine script. I want to interpret CCI using my own indicator data.
At CCI , I can explain price movements with a three-dimensional symmetry. From the indicator , which draws a triangle-like geometry, I can see the instability that we are talking about in stoch . As we move forward, we will see if this triangle formation will be completed and the fracture will be up and down.
As a result, the CCI indicator shows that price movements have fallen, but the war of buyers and sellers continues. So I would say that those who want to buy are afraid to buy, those who want to sell feel comfortable to keep the profit level high.
There is no aggressive signal of buying or selling movements. This explains both ambivalence and confidence in the market. the data I received from indicator reflects very well the psychology of investors who want to take positions depending on the situation. Result = Undecided.

CMF indicator is not as unstable as CCI . It reflects the movement of money in the market one-on-one. That's why it's my favorite indicator. In this way, I can detect the smoothness well. Looking at this indicator, I will not make an indecisive comment, as in the CCI indicator.
Yes, candles are rising, and CMF continues to decline in negative mismatches and prices.
I think that the support will cause BTC to lose its current position due to the reduction of money inflows in the near future.
But as with other indicators, CMF price movements do not show a rapid downward trend at the time I wrote this analysis.
Yes, it is certain that there is a decrease in Indicator data and a negative mismatch . But we don't yet know if this is strong enough for a downward break.
We'll see what happens in the coming days.
Other RSI volume , etc. indicators will not be interpreted. Because everyone already uses these indicators and knows exactly what to do with the indicator data.
I conducted such an analysis to analyze both training and indicators for new investors. I hope I succeeded.
If you ask my own opinion by collecting the signals of all indicators, along with the instability in the indicator data, buyers and sellers are not in fear, the indicator data is not manipulative , the breakages are in the form of soft transitions, perhaps a few thousand dollars can bring the closing of the candle. At the moment when I write the analysis, I am collecting Daily Signal data and commenting. But sudden sales or sudden purchases can come. We don't know that. But I think BTC will come out of this jam strongly with a little correction , as I've collected a signal that buyers are comfortable with buying, selling at their sellers.
Enjoy your shopping .

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