BTC loses it's momentum, waiting for short trades

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BTC loses it's momentum, waiting for short trades.

Many of bearish signs possible appear on the daily chart , including:
- A death cross (MA50 crosses down of MA200) might happen in this month.
- Price gets rejected MA200 and moves sideways.
- Volume is relatively low in comparison to last July-August 2019.
- TRIX6 gets rejected 0 lines and crosses down of its MA8 (my indicator).

Support areas for buying back BTC:
- Local support at around $7,500.
- Weekly MA50 at around $6,600.

Explain more about my ' Triple TRIX + MAs indicator':
- TRIX6 indicates the short-term direction of an asset.
- TRIXs and their MAs crossing can generate bullish/bearish signals.
- TRIX is a lagging indicator but multiple TRIXs and their MAs act as a leading indicator.
- The 'Zero lines' is a frontier of positive/negative trends.
Oct 24
עסקה פעילה: A death cross is very likely to be formed on the daily chart. Besides, local support at $7,500 failed to stop the dump. BTC is heading to the $6,600 area (green rectangle on the chart).

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what about the long which followed?
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Batrachotoxin amitkejriwal01
@amitkejriwal01, sorry for did not update the idea.
BTC made a crazy 37% pump on a day that had a death cross. This pump did not follow technical analysis, but it gave a very good profit for those rides the wave.
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