TVC:DXY   מדד מטבע דולר אמריקאי
93.82 might be the target of this leg
הערה: if here the ending diagonal structure does not hold , then the B wave should come, and in long term we could form a big H/S, In his case , EURUSD should retrace to 1.20-1.21 level... but if it holds then we see 1.1440 maybe
הערה: TF in 4H, structure hold for one more leg, perhaps half leg, keep watch the last high and structure boundary upside

TF in 1h, a correction flag is forming, shout up will continue still this afternoon.
הערה: Ending diagonal is closed to end, sell higher and waiting for a big drop of DXY. For instance eurusd may reach 1.21 in this big B(yellow ABC) wave