Where can I get more information?

  • Additional descriptions of all built-in operators, variables, functions and annotation functions can be found in Pine Script Reference.
  • Write your own scripts by an example. Open new chart, push the Pine Editor button on the toolbar. In the opened editor window click the New button. You’ll find lots of examples of TradingView standard indicators in the dropdown list.
  • There is a public chat dedicated to Pine Script where active developers of our community help each other out.
  • There is a Pine Script community growing on StackOverflow, see questions tagged with pine-script.
  • Information about large releases and modifications to Pine Script (as well as other features) is regularly published on TradingView’s blog.
  • Public Library is the storage of all user-published scripts. All published scripts are listed on the SCRIPTS page, or in the IndicatorsPublic Library dialog.

External resources

  • PineCoders publishes useful information for Pine coders.
  • Kodify has TradingView tutorials on various topics for beginners and more experienced coders alike. Topics include plotting, alerts, strategy orders, and complete example indicators and strategies.
  • Backtest Rookies publishes good quality blog articles focusing on realizing specific tasks in Pine.
  • There is a Pine Script community growing on StackOverflow where you can ask questions. See questions tagged with pine-script.
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