New Chilly Willy with added weekly rsi and willy.
הערות שחרור: ChillWilly automatically calculates Relative Strength Index and Williams%R momentum indicators. In fact, it combines both of them for the long term :) BUT, it does not stay there,
it also calculates and combines them for the short term. Finally, it combines this long term values with short term values. As a result, we have an momentum indicator that tells us
what is happening in not only long term but also short term.
ALL you need to know is only 2 things:
1. Use it like you would use RSI (ranging between 0-100)
2. Buy when its green, sell when its red (you can change where u want the indicator to turn red or green in the settings)
For more details and inquiries please pm me.
Highly recommend using this ChillyWilly with UncleBo indicator which does all the price-momentum-volume analysis all together including this indicator!
I will share this unique indicator to anyone who likes and commends his or her thoughts. Positive Mental Attitude For The Win :)
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merhaba bugra bey erişebilirmiyim ? deneyebilirmiyim ?
could I have access please
Nice work ! May i try it pls ?
Please add me for this too. Thanks!
@Alphabets, Gotcha!
Looks amazing! Would like to give it a shot. Thanks :)
MegalodonTrading The_Dude_Guy
wow that looks nice
@tredishion, Thanks, granted!
Can I try this one too! Thanks
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