Rabbit Hole

How deep is the Rabbit hole? Interesting experiment that finds the RISING HIGHS and FALLING LOWS and place the difference between the highs and lows into separate arrays.
== Calculations ==
In case current high is higher than previous high, we calculate the value by subtracting the current highest high with the previous High (lowest high) into array A,
same method for the lows just in Array B.
Since we subtract highs and lows it means velocity is taken into consideration with the plotting.
After adding a new value we remove the oldest value if the array is bigger than the Look back length. This is done for both lows and highs array.
Afterwards we sum up the lows and highs array (separately) and plot them separately, We can also smooth them a bit with Moving averages like HMA , JMA , KAMA and more.

== RULES ==
When High Lines crosses the Low Line we get a GREEN tunnel.
When Low Lines crosses the High line we get the RED tunnel.
The Greenish the stronger the up trend.
The Redish the stronger the downtrend.

== NOTES ==
Bars are not colored by default.
Better for higher time frames, 1 hour and above.
Enjoy and like if you like!
Follow up for new scripts:
סקריפט קוד פתוח

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רוצה להשתמש בסקריפ זה בגרף?
Appreciation of my work:

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@Pash7, Appreciated!
Appreciate the work ...and thanks for the Christmas Gift :)
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@Chakku,🎅"Ho, Ho, Ho" Happy Christmas!
I think it is good indicator
Wow another innovative indicator for a real Christmas gem given to everyone who finds this. Thank You! Very nice using Pine's new technology. Very good initial results on this, I'll come back with a further review after more testing.
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@stevenwalter0, Great feedback, Santa brings gifts at christmas. Feel free to PM with your review result.