Fractal Quad Components

8 Fractal Resonance Component indicators on a chart eats up LOTS of vertical space, so we're providing this Fractal Quad Components script to group 4 components a bit more compactly (eliminating the margin whitespace between indicator rows).

To view 8 components you'll need to add a second instance of this script to your chart and set its Base Timescale Multiplier to 16. Then grab the dividers to stretch both instances to a good viewing height.

One disadvantage of this grouping method is that to read off the x2, x4, and x8 lead and lag line values, you'll need to mentally add 200, 400 or 600 respectively.

We also replaced the "Extreme" > +-100% black crosses (+) with more subtle purple circle outlines. These extreme crosses are often (but not always) too early to be a major reversal so it's best not to overemphasize them.

Significant crosses (> +-75%) are still highlighted with black circle outlines, and are the most likely to be major reversals for buy/sell.

Note how the 30-minute oscillator (2nd row) showed the cleanest (black-outlined) reversals on the S&P for the last week of 2016, with just a bit more profit-eating lag than the 15-minute oscillator above.

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