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With the latest added features chart.left_visible_bar_time and chart.right_visible_bar_time it is now possible to
place positions at the equivalent of '' and 'location.bottom'

The following are examples of functions which enables to find the visible chart highest/lowest bars:
highest_visible_chart() => 
    var float highs = na
    highs := time == chart.left_visible_bar_time                  ? high : 
             time >  chart.left_visible_bar_time and high > highs ? high : highs

lowest_visible_chart()  => 
    var float lows = na
    lows  := time == chart.left_visible_bar_time                  ? low  : 
             time >  chart.left_visible_bar_time and low  < lows  ? low  : lows

In this example labels are plotted when a sma crosses another sma

Also combined with 3 boxes, scrolling gives insights how the features work

To all who make Tradingview the way it is, lots and lots of thanks!

הערות שחרור: Added label which gives the current time and time from left & right bar of the visible chart (adjustable by UTC)

In this case the label is not deleted through code on each new bar, because the script is reloaded every bar
(due to chart.right_visible_bar_time, chart.left_visible_bar_time), hence 'starting with a clean slate'
הערות שחרור: + extra information regarding time format
הערות שחרור: update
הערות שחרור: Added label which keeps track of latest price, even if you scrolling back
הערות שחרור: This script is part of a collection of educational scripts
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