RSI Divergence

RSI Indicator with the following additions:

- highlighting the overbought/oversold conditions
- show divergences
הערות שחרור: Updated colors
הערות שחרור: Added background color to highlight when RSI at extremes
הערות שחרור: Added Bollinger Bands to RSI
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Is there any way to identify marked divergence on the indicator . indicator did not identify the divergence . Picture link is attached
alexpunct Alwynjo
@Alwynjo, the indicator is not perfect, so don't realy only on it for signals. I see what you mean but it's hard to program an indicator that calculates the divergences like a human person. Have a look at this indicator too and apply it on your RSI and see if it works better -
Alwynjo alexpunct
@alexpunct, Got it . Thanks for the reply
Awsome work....Thanks....Can you make the script on Heiken Aishi candle with Moving Average Length 4, Source Open. When candle create above that moving average signal long and when candle creates below that moving average signal short
alexpunct kuldeep2020
@kuldeep2020, I'm afraid I don't have the time right now to work on custom indicators. Maybe in the future
kuldeep2020 alexpunct
@alexpunct, Ok....Thanks for the reply
Thank you!
May I ask: what length is EMA? (white line)
alexpunct dverkhushin
@dverkhushin, sure, it's ema 13
A real time saver... Thank you!!
alexpunct alphamindset
@alphamindset, thanks and enjoy
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