Stock Dissect Dashboard

I developed this script, to help me in my analysis process of Stocks.

In it I have combined several things that I look at when evaluating a company.

First, there is the Macro part, where I have added the most important (at least for me) macro indicators, such as inflation, interest rates, initial jobless claims etc.

Under the last is the latest reported value, next we have the previous, and next to them is the change.

Underneath it is the technical part.

I have added the 1-Week, 1-Month, 3-Month, and 1-Year returns. This way I can easily see the performance of the stock over time.

We have a market regime indicator, which tells us whether the stock is Trending, Mean-Reverting, or Neutral.

Also, I've added the RSI and 50 and 200 Day Moving Averages for additional analysis

At the bottom, I've included some of the fundamentals that I look at in my analysis process. We have the PE and PB ratio, as well as the debt-to-equity and profit margins.

I hope you guys like it and saves you as much time and energy as it did for me.

Happy trading!

If you want to learn algorithmic trading on a hedge-industry level -> bit.ly/3RDCI2q
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