Bitcoin: Smoothed Stock-to-Flow Top Price & Accumulation Support

This indicator applies two customized smoothing functions to the Stock-to-Flow model, which was originally contrived for Bitcoin by PlanB. The resulting Top Price (red) and Support Band (blue) could be used to estimate Bitcoin's peak price in coming bullruns and market cycle accumulation zones before such runs respectively. Note that this indicator works best for BLX on the weekly timeframe (W), with parameters for this setup being already optimized.

Within this indicator several parameters of the Top Price Band can be adjusted if one wants to play with it. For the Support Band only the smoothing length can be adjusted (as the corresponding smoothing function is somewhat simpler in that case). Optionally the classic Stock-to-Flow model can be plotted for comparison.

To find the exact formulas used, please visit my twitter page (linked in my signature) where I published more infographics regarding this indicator.
הערות שחרור: Added option to hide plots of Top and Support Band individually.

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