Proper Round Functions [QuantNomad]

Round function in PineScript is very simple and allows you to round numbers only to the closest integer number. This is a bit irritating because I very often have to round numbers to some decimal places and not integer.
So I created 2 functions I use all the time and now sharing them with you.

  • roundn - rounds the values in its first argument to the specified number of decimal places.
  • roundtick - rounds the values to current symbol mintick

I hope they will be useful for you.
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Thank you very much ! Very useful.
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How can we round to the nearest .25? For example, trading the ES, NQ and other Futures instruments, the tick size is 1.0, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, 2.0. Thanks in advance.
QuantNomad NorthStarDayTrading
@NorthStarDayTrading, Try something like: round(close / 0.25) * 0.25
@QuantNomad, "round_to_mintick" is the answer. Wanted to share with you for future reference.
thank you very much, much appreciated!!
Awesome! Very Helpful!
You're the man. Thnx
hi quand i have a question how can i alert if doble doji side by side and next candle green or red ( doji -> doji -
i have this code buy i need

Precision = input(0.15, minval=0.0001, title="Doji's Max Body size")
barcolor(abs(open - close) <= (high - low) * Precision ? yellow : na)

doji=(abs(open - close) <= (high - low) * Precision ? 1:0)
doji2=(abs(open - close) <= (high - low) * Precision ? 1:0)
plotchar (doji)