WAP ⸗ Weighted Average Pricings

Our W.A.P (Weighted Average Pricings) indicator is made of four different types of "WAPs". We have added the two common types known as VWAP and TWAP. In addition, we added our two custom types known as CWAP and GWAP. Each is plotted using a fully customizable two-tone color palette represented by Bullish or Bearish. In addition, each WAP has a toggle line-extensions and price labels option.

This indicator has been pre-configured for Day-Trading and Scalping.

VWAP : Volume Weighted Average Pricing
TWAP : Time Weighted Average Pricing
CWAP : Cumulative Weighted Average Pricing
GWAP : Geometric Weighted Average Pricing

Additional script features allow for fully adjustable settings and configurations:

• Adjustable; Colors
• Adjustable; Resolutions
• Adjustable; Parameters
• Adjustable; Price Labels
• Adjustable; Line Extensions
• Adjustable; Toggles

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