Auto Position Sizing Risk Reward

The Auto Position Sizing Risk Reward indicator shows different Risk levels 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 based on your risk amount and uses an auto Stoploss level based on the ATR.

You can set the values for the "Note or Title", "Risk Amount", "Entry", "Target Price", "Stop Loss Distance", "Default Risk/Reward" and ATR settings.

The "auto" part comes into play when you haven't yet set an Entry value, which will make everything update according to the latest Closing price of the asset.

Once you set the Entry price, the Risk/Reward levels will stop updating their positions and stay in place. This allows you to dynamically see your potential Risk/Reward as the market progresses, as well as locking in your Risk/Reward levels once you are ready to enter a position.

Your Position Size as well as actual Stoploss level and Cost is displayed along with the other values in the textbox that floats next to the R/R levels.

This indicator was inspired by and relies heavily on the work done by zzzcrypto123 and NXT2017 in their indicators, but I felt that this version is unique enough to hopefully be of use to the general community.

I hope this helps you to trade better! Please feel free to improve it and provide suggestions.

Doing what I can to help people trade better. Past performance doesn't guarantee future results. Trade at your own risk. This is not financial advice, it is personal opinion, I'm not a financial adviser. I may have a stake in what I write about.
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