Example: Monte Carlo Simulation


Example execution of Monte Carlo Simulation applied to the markets(this is my interpretation of the algo so inconsistencys may appear).

  • the algorithm is very demanding so performance is limited.
הערות שחרור: added extra comments on the script, description to parameters..
הערות שחרור: removed the custom pseudo random generator function in favor of the new builtin random() function.
הערות שחרור: moved lines to builtin array, now supports depth up to 99
סקריפט קוד פתוח

ברוח TradingView אמיתית, מחבר סקריפט זה פרסם אותו עם קוד פתוח, כך שסוחרים יוכלו להבין ולאמת זאת. הידד למחבר! אתה יכול להשתמש בו בחינם, אך שימוש חוזר בקוד זה בפרסום הנו בכפוף ל כללי הבית . אתה יכול להגדירו כמועדף ולהשתמש בו בגרף.

רוצה להשתמש בסקריפ זה בגרף?


with your unique abilities, we will soon be able to look forward to the future:) Thanks!
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so let me ask you when do we know if its long or short?
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extazzy666 TradeBuddy2019
@TradeBuddy2019, with help of support and resistance
Maestro, pioneer of innovative techniques. thanks alot for your enormous contributions to the community
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great work !
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Many thanks sir.
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Awesome script, Maestro!!!
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Proudly appreciated RicardoSantos for your generosity!
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Wow!! what a talent man :) Thanks for sharing it.
I have noticed a potential issue that when new bars are loaded, the Monte Carlo stops predicting. Is there a way to reset calculations when a new bar is loaded ? the only other way it can start working is when it is deleted and re-added to the chart
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