TDI Hedge Strategy

This is the incomplete version but upon multiple requests, I have released it early. All of the strategy and alert functions are yet to be written and I'll get around to it soon.

This indicator aims to be the best TDI indicator on TradingView. It is a strategy or study. It will have all of the filter, entry, and exit conditions for the strategies around the TDI.

What is implemented

  • MFI or RSI: the MFI is a much better TDI baseline than the RSI, in my opinion, and very effective
  • EMA or SMA used for the moving averages on fast, slow, and volatility band
  • Dynamic timeframe: set a factor of current timeframe and indicator will analyse higher timeframe automatically
  • Manual timeframe: set a higher timeframe to analyse different to currently viewed

Features for later

  • conditions for TDI filters/entries/exits
  • Strategy functions to use built-in strategy tester
  • BTE signal plot for Backtesting & Trading Engine
  • alerts


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