SSL Hybrid

This script is designed for the NNFX Method, so it is recommended for Daily charts only.
Tried to implement a few VP NNFX Rules
This script has a SSL / Baseline (you can choose between the SSL or MA), a secondary SSL for continiuation trades and a third SSL for exit trades.
Alerts added for Baseline entries, SSL2 continuations, Exits.
Baseline has a Keltner Channel setting for "in zone" Gray Candles
Added "Candle Size > 1 ATR" Diamonds from my old script with the criteria of being within Baseline ATR range.
Credits go to:
Strategy causecelebre https://www.tradingview.com/u/causeceleb...
SSL Channel ErwinBeckers https://www.tradingview.com/u/ErwinBecke...
Moving Averages jiehonglim https://www.tradingview.com/u/jiehonglim...
Moving Averages everget https://www.tradingview.com/u/everget/
"Many Moving Averages" script Fractured https://www.tradingview.com/u/Fractured/...
הערות שחרור: Fixed the Kijun bug
Also added the LSMA as JPR3 suggested
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How do i get this indicator. i love it
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Mihkel00 Rambo60
@Rambo60, Just click "add to favorite scripts" on the right side under the chart.
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@Mihkel00, sorry how can i download the indicator i just click add to favorite scripts
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Repaint or No Repaint ?
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Mihkel00 AkhileshPatel
@AkhileshPatel, No it doesnt repaint. Everything stays the same after the candle closes.
hi, is there an explanation how to use this?
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@baileydan, search no nonsense forex on youtube for full explanation
Hi, just wanted to thank you for this great script I like it a lot, but I would like to know what the SSL2 colors mean, I'm not sure about them.

Thanks in advance!
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Fantastic indicator that saves me using multiple trading view indicators. As a cherry on top I have a few suggestions if possible!
1. Add the VWMA as a baseline
2. Add the option to make the McGinley based on hlc3 as well as candle close- this is because the McGinley based on close can get distorted on large volatile candles
3. Show when price is outside of 1x ATR from the baseline
4. Add ATR bands of x1.5 ATR

Thank you for sharing your great work ;)
The indicator has no histogram unlike the image above
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