[fikira] Fibonacci MA / EMA's (Fibma / Fibema)

I've made SMA /EMA's NOT based on the principle of the 2(1+1), 3(2+1),
5(3+2), 8(5+3), 13(8+5), 21(13+8), 34(21+13), 55(34+21), ... numbers,
but based on these following Fibonacci numbers:


Ending up with 2 series of Fibma / Fibema:

"Tiny Fibma / Fibema":
24, 38, 50, 62, 76, 100

"Big Fibma / Fibema":
236, 382, 500, 618, 764, 1000

IMHO it is striking how these lines often act as Resistance/Support,
although (except the 50, 100 & 500) they are not typical MA/EMA's.

They perform very well on every Timeframe as well!


3 Days:

1 Day:



Even on the 15 minutes:

Or 5':

Things to watch for:

Price compared to the Tiny or Big Fibma / Fibema (below or above)
Price compared to important Fibma / Fibema (for example below or
above MA 236, MA 764, MA 1000, ...)

Crossing of Fibma / Fibema 24/76, 236/764 and 38/62, 382/618
( bullish crossover = Lime coloured "cloud", bearish crossunder = Red coloured "cloud"),


I've made a change in barcolor if the close crosses the "Big Fibma / Fibema 500"

If price closes above MA/ EMA 500, the first bar is yellow coloured,
if price stays above this level, candles are coloured lime/orange (= very bullish )
If price closes under MA/ EMA 500, the first bar is purple,
if price stays under this level, candles are standard coloured (= very bearish )

Strategy will follow,


הערות שחרור: - Added extra Fibma/Fibema's (can be disabled/enabled)
- Enhanced the Alerts
- Added labels at the side for easier recognition (only for the big Fibma/Fibema)
- Price can be made visible under these labels

Thank you!
הערות שחרור: Simplified,
also added
- "Higher Timeframe's" (Credits to "PineCoders" !),
- more settings,
- more Alerts

Initial start (Sort MA/EMA is displayed at the right):

+ price:

Higher TF, TF is between (), + price:

Same situation, but + Smoothing:
הערות שחרור: Added the 89 Fibma/Fibema (in addition to the "Big" 886 Fibma/Fibema)
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