Keltner Channel [LINKUSDT] 1H

This is a long-only strategy tested on LINK/USDT, 1 hour bar, from Feb 2019. The entry is determined by the breakout of upper Keltnel Channel and when the +DI is higher than 32. Instead of a fixed stop-loss from the original script , I change the exit to the middle band of the Keltnel Channel. 1st profit target will close 20% of the position. 2nd profit target will close 30% of the position. While the remaining 50% position will be closed when the price closes below the middle band of the Keltnel Channel, to take advantage of big trend. All parameters are adjustable. I added another option to enable or disable the ribbon trend filter.

My thoughts: For the same period, LINK appreciated 3000%. So I guess most in and out strategies couldn’t beat a buy and hold strategy during this period. But this doesn’t mean that this strategy is not feasible as each strategy is designed to only take advantage of a certain pattern or behavior of the market. Also, short term strategies allow you to use leverage and hence enable you to use you capital efficiently. Commission is set to 0.1%, taking account of the slippage.

Suggestion: Please perform walk forward analysis before you use real money for trading. Parameters need to be adjusted from time to time depends on your analysis. Can try using ATR for profit targets as over a longer term, the volatility might drop hence a high fixed % profit targets might not be realistic.

Any suggestions are welcome!
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