Expanded Floor Pivot Points UPDATED

This Central Pivot Range is based on Pivot Boss book from Frank Ochao. All Resistance/Support/ CPR width has been reduced for clear view
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HI, Just wondering is there any way we can plot CPR for tomorrow? we know the values when the market is closed can we plot the CPR and Pivot lines for tomorrow before the market opens.
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akashdxt25 sachin2c
@sachin2c, you can calculate in Excel sheet and plot it my your self.
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@sachin2c, use cpr by prabil
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I am unable to view the pivots and the cpr as horizontal lines as shown in the above snapshot. I am getting it as trend lines instead.

Thank for the help.
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I use Ur expanded floor cpr for last two weeks and doubled my capital thank you Sir
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how to use this indicator to identify trend and opportunities
there are 4 cpr level - daily, tomorrow, monthly, weekly so can anybody tell me how to calculate tomorrow cpr (formula or scipt).
When deploying in amibroker, it show error message
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