Rational MTF Auto - Fibonacci Retracement Levels

Hello, this script automatically draws rational Support - Resistance Levels as multi time frame . (MTF)
In this way, we see reasonable levels ahead of us.
As of the date of birth: The first year after Lehmann Brother's fall was determined after January 1, 2009.

One feature of this script (which I deliberately left this way) :
If the security and support-resistance levels are equal, it will show you NA value and say wait.
Because it is based on a weekly basis for region selection, I think that it should enter a region and support-resistance levels should be drawn accordingly.
That's why I left it this way.

This script was inspired by the following publication :

הערות שחרור: Unnecessary codes cleared.
הערות שחרור: Repaint issue resolved.
Many thanks to PineCoders for help.
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Good concept
Noldo MinaCordier
@MinaCordier, Thanks
We're not worthy ! Thanks sir.
Noldo syrinxflunki
@syrinxflunki, your welcome , mate !
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