Bollinger Bands Scalper + VWAP

primalstef מעודכן   
Get more consistent scalps by trading in-between Bollinger Band Deviations.

1) 3 Bollinger Bands with default settings to 1, 2, and 3 deviations for more consistent scalps
2) Trendicator: a dynamic color changing moving average that helps you see trend quickly
3) Robust VWAP tool with up to 3 different deviations as well as different anchor points to help you see strong support and resistances
4) Calming "purple cloud" color palette helps you focus on price action
5) Discover new trading strategies with a wide range of customizability
הערות שחרור:
1) Updated "purple cloud" to a more attractive shade of purple
2) Updated the deviation bands to be slightly easier to see (while still maintaining it's minimalist style)
3) Updated code so that it is more streamlined
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