Papercuts Dual PSAR v01

Dual PSAR is a trend following script that uses auto-higher timeframe calculation of the current timeframe to create a dual Parabolic Stop And Release.
This is useful because it can determine periods of transition or indecision and can flag those periods with which way it is learning even though it is undecided, what i call "Wait Zones".
When both PSARS are not in alignment, it uses the lower timeframe one to determine which way the wait zone is learning.

You can see below in the chart shows some good trends and some wait zones.
A wait zone can have bullish indication, but then still have a bearish continuation.
A wait zone can have bullish indication, and then enter a bull trend.

Typically I won't make trades in wait zones, and I will exit trades when entering one.

Just wanted to try this out and see how it did. Figured I'd share.

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