Multi TF High/Low/Open/Close Line

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NOTE: I'm not sure why the screengrab isn't showing the lines. They are there, and when I share the chart from this link they are there.... idk

This is a requested spin-off version of my previous HLOC for the Daily/Weekly/Monthly that allows users to choose 3 different timeframe units (Mins, Hours, Days, etc...) from the dropdown menu and then select the lookback period in which to draw the HLOC.
I've had quite a few requests to allow users to see multiple lookbacks for the same timeframe unit, mostly weekly, and I did not wish to change that particular script for that purpose. However, I was able to take the existing script and alter it for user input.

This indicator draws a line on the TF 1, TF 2, and TF 3 bar at the High, Low, Open and Close of user input Timeframe unit and selected lookback period.
The lookback period will go back the number of candles entered. So for example if you choose a 5 Min chart with a lookback of 3, the lines will be drawn on the HLOC 3 closed 5 min candles back. Selecting 0 will show data on the current Real-Time candle.

An example of a request I have gotten was for last week, the previous week and the previous month. The settings for that would be: TF 1 - 1 week Lookback 1, TF 2 - 1 week Lookback 2, TF 3 - 1 month Lookback 1.

Each set of lines has an optional identifying label with its own color set that can be shown with or without price value, and has drop down menus for size and style of each set of labels. The TF unit value is displayed on the label, but not the lookback.
So if you are using the hourly on all 3 TF's with different lookback periods, they will all say "60" on the label.
I recommend using the line and label options to distinguish between the different lookback values.
Each set of lines has inputs for line/text color, line width and style and each line argument can be selected independently.

In the chart example I have displayed only the High and Low on three 1 hour TF's with the lookback of 4, 5 and 6 candles with the labels descending in size. With this data I can see that over the last 6 hours the price of ES is in an descending pattern and I should be on alert for a break.
Since I trade ES in RTH on a much lower timeframe, this data can alert me to a bigger picture potential trend change or continuation. I would personally use this with pivot data for timing and look for entries in areas of high volume that moved price to a new
high or low that have not been retested.

I will be looking to add a user input offset for labels in the future. I have had bad luck with it in the past working for a couple weeks and then throwing an error, but I will look into it again soon.

I also recommend going into Chart Settings/Status Line and turning off indicator arguments OR moving the script to the top of the indicator list to avoid obstructed chart view with this indicators arguments. When script allows, I will update it to hide them.
הערות שחרור:
Added vertical and horizontal offsets for labels. Lets hope it holds up.
I also added and defaulted my favorite label style. Cheers!!
הערות שחרור:
A couple more aesthetic tweaks to label offsets and sizing.
הערות שחרור:
Cleaned up the hot mess of a menu...
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