Daily Pivots with Fakeout Protection

The "Daily Pivots with Fakeout Protection" indicator is a powerful tool designed to help traders identify potential price breakouts and pivot levels on daily charts. This indicator calculates and displays daily pivot points along with breakout lines that are adjusted to provide a certain level of protection against fakeouts, which are false price movements that can mislead traders.


 • Pivot Timeframe Selection: You can choose the timeframe for the pivot calculations. The default is set to daily (D), but you have the flexibility to select other timeframes as well.
 • Fakeout Protection: A percentage-based parameter allows you to define the amount of protection you want against fakeouts. This helps filter out potentially unreliable breakouts.
 • Bullish and Bearish Signals: The indicator distinguishes between bullish and bearish conditions by comparing the closing price to the daily high and low.
 • Breakout Signals: Triangular symbols (upward and downward) appear below and above bars to signal potential breakout points. These are based on the closing price crossing the adjusted breakout lines.
 • Visual Representation: Pivot points, daily high, and daily low are plotted on the chart, with distinctive line styles and colors for easy identification.
 • Background Highlighting: The background color of the chart changes when a new period begins, helping you quickly recognize the start of a new trading day.
 • Color-Coded Zones: The indicator colors the background around the closing price differently based on whether the market is bullish (green) or bearish (red).


1 — Apply the "Daily Pivots with Fakeout Protection" indicator to your TradingView chart.
2 — Customize the parameters like pivot timeframe and fakeout protection percentage according to your trading preferences.
3 — Watch for the triangular breakout symbols that appear above and below bars, indicating potential breakout points.
4 — Keep an eye on the pivot points, daily high, and daily low lines to understand price levels relevant to the current trading day.
5 — Use the background color changes to quickly identify the beginning of a new trading day and any potential shifts in market sentiment.


 • This indicator is designed for daily charts but can be adjusted to work with other timeframes as well.
 • Be cautious of relying solely on breakout signals; consider using additional technical and fundamental analysis for confirmation.

Start integrating the "Daily Pivots with Fakeout Protection" indicator into your trading strategy to enhance your ability to identify breakouts and pivot levels more effectively.

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