Blue Sky Day 90% strategy

How to use:

This strategy can be used alone or alongside other strategies for better success.

Operate Long and Short (Hold Position)
1. Enter the resolution of the strategy you want to operate
2. Set the DEEP parameter to 120
3. When the background is blue buy, when the background is red sell.

Operate IQ Option 3 MIN (Binary Mode)

1. Set the RESOLUTION parameter to 15 MIN
2. Set the DEEP parameter to 120
3. Set the TIMEFRAME of the graph to 1 min for better visualization
4. Add the IQ Options 5 MIN strategy
5. Operate the IQ Options strategy always in favor of Blue Sky Day with 3 MIN forecast operations.
6. When you lose double bet
7. If successful, bet the minimum again.
הסר מסקריפטים מועדפים הוסף לסקריפטים מועדפים
How come when I set the TIMEFRAME of the graph to 1 min it won't work anymore and says... "Order's limit (3000) was reached?"
+5 השב
Can you give me access?
+3 השב
This indicator REPAINTS after refreshing the web-page. Here's the non-repainting version with alerts and strategy tester:

For more details, kindly visit us at http://www.BlueSkyDayStrategy.com
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Hello ~ can I use your trading strategy code?
+8 השב
can i have access please?
Same here: repainting.
+4 השב
If this is not repaint it would have been a good indicator. I did background analysis what could have been the logic to get this chart and did my own strategy.
+14 השב
Links have been updated:

Strategy Tester:

Alert version:

Data Window:

For more details, kindly visit us at: http://www.BlueSkyDayStrategy.com

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