Intraday Reversal Risk Indicator ("IRRI") [BradfordFournier]

The Intraday Reversal Risk Indicator ("IRRI")

Copyright (C) 2017 Fournier, Bradford

Purpose: IRRI is simple yet efficient at spotting intraday UP-TO-DOWN reversals.

Advantages: IRRI often leads RSI and OBV as indicator of such up-to-down reversals.

Use-Case: IRRI can augment your intraday sell timing and decision making.

Example in attached image: compare RSI to IRRI after the second dip. RSI corrects accordingly indicating a less-overbought case. However, IRRI is able to notice the risk extrapolated from volume and other profiles, and keeps the value higher -- indicating a still-present risk -- which is shortly followed by another drop .

If you find this indicator as helpful as I have, please email me:

Currently I work as a maths PhD student/researcher. I am interested in getting further market experience.
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Hi all, tomorrow will be the first day where you can test IRRI under some new changes. Given the potential volatility of the market tomorrow, id appreciate any feedback on the indicator.

Where do you think it works? Where does it fail?

The scope of IRRI -- Intraday Reversal Risk Indicator -- is to give us a heads up on potential UP-to-Down reversals. Higher IRRI values means higher risk. This is meant to supliment but not replace tools like RSI etc.

Thanks again!
For a more illustrative example of a usecase please the the attached chart at
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