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This indicator "Order Chain" uses live tick data (varip) to retrieve live tick volume.

This indicator must be used on a live market with volume data


  • Live Tick Volume
  • Live Tick Volume Delta
  • Orders are appended to boxes, whose width and height are scaled proportional to the size of the order.
  • CVD recorded at relevant tick levels
  • Order chain spans up to 450 ticks (might include aggregates)

The image above shows key features for the indicator!

The image above explains line and color placements.

The image above shows the indicator in action for a live market!

How It Works

The indicator records the difference in volume from "now" and the previous tick. Predicated on whether the "now" price is greater than or less than price one tick prior, the difference in volume is recorded as "buy" or "sell" volume.

This filled order (or aggregates) is colored in congruence with price direction. The filled order is subsequently appended to its relevant tick level and added (buy order) or subtracted (sell order) from the CVD value at the identified tick level.

Of course, thank you to @PineCoders and @RicardoSantos for their awesome libraries :D

Thank you!
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