Price Velocity Indicator

This indicator measures direct changes in price.

The instructions are pretty straightforward.

You go long when you see a long signal appear and vice versa for short.

Reasons what makes this indicator valuable
-High profitability
-High profit factor
-Low max drawdown
-Above average sharpe ratio
-High RR (Average win/loss ratio of 6)
-Does not repaint

Available for a one time trial fee of 30 USD.

Upon subscription, you will have access to my signal service as well.

Please inbox me to get started and make profits with Dre!

הערות שחרור: Update: Visual Oscillator
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רוצה להשתמש בסקריפ זה בגרף?

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can I use your trial version?
May I have access?
please give me access
CryptoDre18 himanshu99
@himanshu99, please check your inbox.
himanshu99 CryptoDre18
@CryptoDre18, nothing to there
CryptoDre18 himanshu99
Hi @himanshu99,

Thanks for expressing your interest in my indicators.

Unfortunately, I am no longer supporting those indicators nor am I selling them as I have modified and switched to another trading strategy.

May I interest you with THI, PAC, and VMA indicators?

These form the basis of my trading strategy and is very profitable - I have quadrupled my balance this month using these and my subscribers have doubled/tripled their balances as well.


hello sir
may I access this indicator please
Can I have the access please?