[RS]3 Level ZigZag Semafor V0

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request for CharanTejaM
zigzag may be adjusted to use other methods.
zigzag repaints, use at your own discretion.

סקריפט קוד פתוח

ברוח TradingView אמיתית, מחבר סקריפט זה פרסם אותו עם קוד פתוח, כך שסוחרים יוכלו להבין ולאמת זאת. הידד למחבר! אתה יכול להשתמש בו בחינם, אך שימוש חוזר בקוד זה בפרסום הנו בכפוף ל כללי הבית . אתה יכול להגדירו כמועדף ולהשתמש בו בגרף.

רוצה להשתמש בסקריפ זה בגרף?
study(title='[RS]3 Level ZigZag Semafor V0', shorttitle='3LZZS', overlay=true)
showZigZags = input(false)
useAltTF1 = input(false, title='Use Alt Timeframe')
tf1 = input('5', title='Alt Timeframe')
tf2 = input('15', title='Alt Timeframe')
tf3 = input('30', title='Alt Timeframe')

zigzag() =>
    _isUp = close >= open
    _isDown = close <= open
    _direction = _isUp[1] and _isDown ? -1 : _isDown[1] and _isUp ? 1 : nz(_direction[1])
    _zigzag = _isUp[1] and _isDown and _direction[1] != -1 ? high : _isDown[1] and _isUp and _direction[1] != 1 ? low : na

zz1 = useAltTF1 ? (change(time(tf1)) != 0 ? security(tickerid, tf1, zigzag()) : na) : zigzag()
zz2 = (change(time(tf2)) != 0 ? security(tickerid, tf2, zigzag()) : na)
zz3 = (change(time(tf3)) != 0 ? security(tickerid, tf3, zigzag()) : na)

plot(not showZigZags ? na : zz1, title='zigzag1', color=black, linewidth=1)
plot(not showZigZags ? na : zz2, title='zigzag2', color=blue, linewidth=2)
plot(not showZigZags ? na : zz3, title='zigzag3', color=red, linewidth=3)

is_lvl1_high = zz1 and zz1 >= high
is_lvl2_high = zz2 and zz2 >= high
is_lvl3_high = zz3 and zz3 >= high

is_lvl1_low = zz1 and zz1 <= low
is_lvl2_low = zz2 and zz2 <= low
is_lvl3_low = zz3 and zz3 <= low

plotchar(series=is_lvl1_high, title='1', char='', location=location.abovebar, color=red, transp=0, text='1', textcolor=red)
plotchar(series=is_lvl2_high, title='2', char='', location=location.abovebar, color=red, transp=0, text='2\n', textcolor=red)
plotchar(series=is_lvl3_high, title='3', char='', location=location.abovebar, color=red, transp=0, text='3\n\n', textcolor=red)

plotchar(series=is_lvl1_low, title='1', char='', location=location.belowbar, color=lime, transp=0, text='1', textcolor=lime)
plotchar(series=is_lvl2_low, title='2', char='', location=location.belowbar, color=lime, transp=0, text='\n2', textcolor=lime)
plotchar(series=is_lvl3_low, title='3', char='', location=location.belowbar, color=lime, transp=0, text='\n\n3', textcolor=lime)


Sir 3_level_ZZ_semaphore.mt4
this is the best indicator, if u convert in pine ,will be great asset for everyone :so we can use it in trading view
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OMG!! Thank you so much Richard santos !! Cant thank you enough. I will post the set up soon with this indicator !!!
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I know another semafor, it's quite different.
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mkurugenzi Kei_Presley
@Kei_Presley, could you kindly share where i may find it? your response is appreciated in advance.
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+6 השב
rohit82189 arifarifarif
New to this indicator.. can someone kindly explain what the 123 below and above the candles stand for or indicate?? Any explanation or help will be highly appreciated.. big thanks in advance :)
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Olá. Comecei a pouco a trabalhar com o forex. E queria perceber mais sobre esse indicador. Quando devo entrar para buy ou para sell?
Amei esse estudo!