Multi-Timeframe Simple Trend

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Simple Trend State Indicator inspired by @TaPlot's Price Time Frame Continuity indicator. Indicator works well on any Chart Timeframe although some aliasing of the State Response should be expected when comparing a State Response calculated on one Chart Timeframe to a Higher Chart Timeframe ie. comparing the State Result for 30 min from both a 1D Chart and 130 min Chart.

Current Trend State is calculated based on the Current Angle of the SMA Length "L". A Simple moving average is used as an Array Function has to be used to calculate the current MA Value for Time Frames < Chart.

Current Trend State Control is as follows:

Long Trend State = Current Angle > Min Long Angle
Bullish Trend State = Current Angle < Min Long Angle and Current Angle > Max Reversal Angle
Neutral Trend State = Current Angle < Max Reversal Angle and Current Angle > Min Reversal Angle
Bearish Trend State = Current Angle < Min Reversal Angle and Current Angle > Max Short Angle
Short Trend State = Current Angle < Max Short Angle

I use Gann Angle based State Angle definitions in my charts.

Visualization of the Trend State is controlled via the colors selected in the GUI.

Indicator output creates 6 Panels organized linearly at the Location defined via the GUI. Each panel identifies the Timeframe and Timeframe State for the Timeframes selected in the GUI.

IMPORTANT - Timeframes 4-6 MUST be < Current Chart. Timeframes 1-3 should be >= Current Chart

What does the Tool give you? It enables you to see, based on a standardized measure, the relative behavior of the underlying trends on the selected Timeframe ie . the current Asset Trend Support Structure.

So for Simple Trend Following: an identified Bullish Pulse could be Identified, and then followed to the highest Timeframe that is able to maintain that Bullish State. This is your Pivotal Timeframe. If a Bearish Pulse is identified then ride it until it grows strong enough to change the Trend State of the panel below your Pivotal Timeframe.

הערות שחרור:
v 1.4
- fixes a scaling/ visualization problem when comparing different assets. Assets are normalized based on their 52 Wk high.
- SMA/ EMA option
- Gradient-based color indication option
- Added 7th panel
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