VWAP MA HLOC securities Jayy update fix

This version replaces previous versions that stopped functioning as a result of a TradingView script update.
This script complies with the current script syntax.
for intraday securities default is 9:30 am to 4 pm Eastern Other session choices are provided in the format dialogue box.
script plots VWAP, yesterday's high, low, open and close (HLOC), the day befores HLOC - if desired, today's open and todays high and low.
Also signals inside bars (high is less than or equal to the previous
bar's high and the low is greater than or equal to
the previous low) the : true inside bars have a maroon triangle below the bar as well as a ">" above the bar.
If subsequent bars are inside the last bar before the last true inside bar they also are marked with an ">"
Also plots the 20 ema for different time periods (as per Al Brooks), If you trade the 5 min then you will
likely be interested in the 20 ema for 15 mins and 60 mins
the following is a list of the higher timeframe 20 emas
1 minute 5, 15, 60 period 20 ema
5 minute 15, 60 period 20 ema
15 minute 60, 120 , 240 period 20 ema
60 minute 120, 240 period 20 ema
120 minute 240, D period 20 ema
240 minute D period 20 ema

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