Correlation with P-Value & Confidence Interval (alt)

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Shows the Pearson correlation between two symbols, including statistical significance test.

This is a fork of the original script by Balipour, with the addition of EMA that can be used instead of SMA in the Pearson correlation as an attempt to capture correlation trend changes more quickly, and conversion to pinescript v5. In the end, the EMA does not help much, for a faster capture of correlation trend changes, another kind of correlation is necessary, such as sign test correlation (another one of my indicators implement this idea).

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הערות שחרור:
Update: add support for Multi-Timeframe resolution (MTF) per request, but had to remove the Panel to avoid side effects, otherwise PineScript would not compile.
הערות שחרור:
Fix a small typo in a function that caused side effects (no difference in calculations, but useful to reuse the function elsewhere).
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