[TTI] Minervini STEM Model

Introducing the Minervini STEM Model, an innovative indicator developed by Mark Minervini, an experienced trader and author renowned for his expertise in gauging the quality of breakouts. The Stock Tactical Environment Model (STEM) is designed to assess the trading environment based on the performance and setup of stocks, helping traders navigate various market conditions with ease.

🎯 ––––WHAT IT DOES 💡
The Minervini STEM Model measures the quality of breakouts in the stock market and provides valuable insights into the trading environment. The model is subjective based on the performance of the Mark Minervini Focus List on a 5 day rolling basis.

• What is the Mark Minervini Focus List?
- This is a private weekly watchlist of all the best setups provided by Mark Minervini in his Private Access Group

• How is the quality of breakouts measured?
- This is the subjective part of the indicator. A good breakout is one that has definite clear of a pivot, with a good close and strong volume. From then on there are strong follow through buys (consecutive up days with new highs) again with good (above average) volume signatures. When stocks start moving in earnest and together and breakouts happen with quality technical characteristics and keep on holding the new highs, then we have a good quality breakouts, otherwise if there are 'pop and drops' (breakout met with subsequent selling on the next days) - we have a bad quality breakouts.

• What is the 5 day rolling basis?
- As part of the methodology, I have included, how are the watchlist (Focus List) is performing on subsequent on the next 5 days. This means if we have 10 stocks on Friday, how many did close up in the following 5 days, do we have improvement compared to the previous week and the week before that, is there an overall trend of stocks gaining value or not. This also measures the quality of the bearjouts

🚨IMPORTANT! The model is largely subjective based on the various factors. Largely, I look at Mark Minervini's focus list and determine how it is performing on a 5 day rolling basis. Depending on how many of the Focus List stocks are closing down for the 5 day period (e.g. less than 60%) and how are all cumulatively performing, I adjust the model. It generates three distinct color-coded signals to indicate the effectiveness of breakouts and the overall market condition:

Color meanings
🟩Green: Breakouts are working well, indicating an easy dollar environment.
🟨Orange: The market is selective or highly rotational, signalling a need for caution.
🟥Red: Breakouts are not working well, suggesting a hard penny environment and high risk.
This color-coded system allows traders to quickly assess the market's health and adjust their trading strategies accordingly.

🛠️ ––––HOW TO USE IT 🔧
To effectively use the Minervini STEM Model, follow these steps:

1.Load the Minervini STEM Model script into your preferred charting platform.
2.Observe the color-coded signals displayed on your chart.

Interpret the signals as follows:
🟩Green: Breakouts are working well. Consider aggressive trading and increasing exposure.
🟨Orange: The market is selective or highly rotational. Exercise caution when trading and be selective with your stock setups.
🟥Red: Breakouts are not working well, and risk is high. Adopt maximum caution and consider reducing exposure or staying small until you gain traction.

By incorporating the Minervini STEM Model into your trading strategy, you can better gauge the quality of breakouts and the overall market condition, enabling you to make informed decisions on your trades. Remember to use this tool in conjunction with other technical indicators and risk management practices to optimize your success.

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