TradeIQ - Crazy Scalping Trading Strategy [Kaspricci]

This strategy script is a combination of two indicators developed by LuxAlgo:

  • Triangular Momentum Oscillator & Real Time Divergences ( TMO )
  • Adjustable MA & Alternating Extremities (AMA)

The script combines the BUY and SELL signals from the TMO indicator with the BUY and SELL extremities shown by the AMA script and waits for the smoothed candles to grow in size. It places a SHORT or LONG order and sets a stop loss at the latest swing high or low (highes high or lowest low for a defined number of recent bars). A new LONG trade is highlighted by a green background. A new SHORT trade is highlighted by red background.

The trades will be closed once a new TMO indicator BUY or SELL signal appears or the color of the AMA extremities is switching from green to red and vice versa.

All parameters of TOM and AMA indicators are added as well and work the same way as in the original scripts provided by LuxAlgo.

The idea to combine these two indicators has been provided to me by TradIQ in his youtube video.

Please leave a comment in case you find a bug. In case you find a combination of parameters with a high win rat and high PnL I would be interested as well.
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