RSI with Moving Averages[UO]

This RSI indicator is one of my favorite indicators. This powerful indicator is implemented by Phi-Deltalytics. I modified the drawing so that it is easier (at least for me) to see the signals and trends (it would not matter if you're doing algorithmic trading).

Trends and signals. For detailed instructions and tutorial see Phi-Deltalytics page
הערות שחרור: The corrected fill color: Red for down trend, green for up trend
סקריפט קוד פתוח

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רוצה להשתמש בסקריפ זה בגרף?


Hi Thankyou for the indicator
I am using it
Could you add the option of a line at 50
cheers stay healthy
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her zaman diliminde çalışıyor mu ? En sağlıklısı hangisi 15dk?
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it is very good script and thank you.
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Hey, I'm a newbie can you please add a description on how to use this indicator for entry/exit. Thanks!
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Roccosaurus KaustubhK
@KaustubhK, aksing the wrong stuff, read up on price actions and use this as a "helper"
Am using to also, thanks...A LINE A 50 WOULD BE FANTASTIC, pls add it if you're able to
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