Divina - Support and Resistance

cAosX מעודכן   
Given the positive feedback received on the first Dynamic Support/Resistance script, I've decided to rewrite it on Pine Script v5 and publish it with open source code.

The main Divina area (box) is derived from change in price and volume , while the other support and resistance levels are based on the golden ratio (Divina proportione) or Fibonacci numbers.

The box will start to paint if the previous closed bar satisfy a condition and it will be never be repainted in the future. Anyway the box and the levels will be extended until a new signal is detected.

The Divina Support and Resistance will help you to find good price zones on wich the market might take trading decision. It is not a strategy by per se, it should be used with other good trading techniques.
הערות שחרור: Minor general fixes.
Now the script does try to actively control the number of boxes and lines on the chart using arrays.
הערות שחרור: Percent change function now use built in function ta.roc.
Added source input for the price.
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