trendOne [Strategy]




It is not recommended to use this script for generating alerts. Use "trendOne Alerts" instead.

This script combines all our previous trend-based scripts (Bows, Autopilot, Trend Indicator, Price Deviation, etc) in only one script.

To calculate the trend we use:

Volume Weight
Average True Range
Bows calculations

Trends smoothed with alma () function.

For more accuracy on the signals and to filter unwanted signals we layered slower time-frames in the background and added breaking support & resistance rules.

Integer input. Sets the sensitivity for signals generated up and down. Higher values will generate less signals on chart, and vice-versa.


Back-tests do not guarantee performance on the future. Even if a trading setup is profitable in historical data, it could be unprofitable in the future.

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הערות שחרור: Partial take-profit added.
When activated, strategy will partially take profit from open position (long or short).

New inputs:
- "Take Profit (On/Off)" = Activate or deactivate take profit function
- "TP From Entry (%)" = Add the value in percent. This will trigger a partial take profit as soon as the percentage was reached.
- "Partial Close (%)" = Add the amount in percent to determine how much of the open position should be closed.

Method input added. It is possible to switch between trendOne and Bows Autopilot methods. More methods will be added soon.

Thank you!
הערות שחרור: Changed start/end of strategy tester to "input.time" for easier setup.
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