LTB Zigzag Circles

Hello All,

Today I am here with a new idea and script, "LTB Zigzag Circles". The idea is to create Circles using last 2 zigzag waves and to catch the breakouts earlier than horizontal lines. if a circle is broken then the script shows entry for Long/Short positions. and if broken circle reappears again then the position is closed. You can change Zigzag period as you wish and see the different results.

Here you can see how the script calculates and draws the Circles:

Below you can see how the script draws part of the circle on each bar:

Optionally the script can show levels:

P.S. I haven't tested it as a strategy, Result and Performance may change by Zigzag period, you need to find best Zigzag period according to your strategy. By the way, my Zigzag Circles idea can be improved, if you have any recommendation let me know please ;)

הערות שחרור: Added Alerts :)
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Like always great script and love the idea behind it. I personally backtested it found a nice 75% accuracy so far
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@josh189, Thank you :)
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gmeneguzzo josh189
@josh189, what timeframe and zigzag period did you use in your backtest ?
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Can you make a Strategy?
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@BorC, Thank you
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@Macael, thanks
Great idea. thank you !i love u~!
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@aspig130, Thanks a lot!
very good ideas like all your works, thanks!
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