ScalperIO Algorithm (1)

To the masses, finding the right entry and exit at the right time is a challenging and an emotional ride for both traders and investors. Timing the entry and exit point with precision without the need to “pray-and-hope for the best” mindset is key to successful trading and investing. Scalper. io is a breakthrough-algorithm software that does that perfectly.

This software has been through months of trial and battle-testing to attain 99.98% accuracy.

This software is specially built for: UHNW aspiring and experienced traders/investors.

This software is applicable for: Value Investors, Growth Investors, Day Traders, Swing Traders, Momentum Traders, Algorithmic Traders, Options Traders, and Scalpers.

This software work in: Both LONG & SHORT Strategies.

This software works in: ALL Types of Instruments such as Indices, Stocks, Forex, Commodities , and Crypto.

This software is applicable in: ALL Exchanges.

This software works in all timeframes: 1m, 3m , 5m, 15m, 30m, 45m, 1h, 2h, 3h, 4h, D, W, M

Disclaimer: This software has been battle-tested with multiple backtesting accounts to attain high level of accuracy and to conduct the necessary adjustments to optimise its software to its peak performance.
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