||| BETA ||| Multi-Timeframe Moving Averages

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This is a multi-type, multi-resolution, multi-source, multi-moving-average indicator! Currently in beta testing.


Multi-Type - select from 14 different moving averages: SMA , EMA , Double-EMA, Triple-EMA, ZeroLag-EMA, Arnaud Legoux ( ALMA ), Weighted ( WMA ), Volume-Weighted ( VWMA ), Elastic-Volume-Weighted (EVWMA), Least Squares, Hull, Wilder, Tillson T3 and Smoothed

Multi-Resolution - show moving averages from different time periods on your current chart

Multi-Source - select from open, high, low, close, volume , hl2 , hlc3, ohlc4 for each moving average

Offsets - you can offset your MAs from the price (or each other) by whatever positive or negative percentage you like

Indicators - indicate when the price crosses either moving average, or the moving averages cross each other

Please leave any feedback as comments. Access to the indicator may be removed when the beta-testing period is over.
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