Trend Lines and More

Multi-Indicator consisting of several useful indicators in a single package.

-By default the 20 SMA and 50 SMA are shown.
-Use "MOVING AVERAGE TYPE" to select SMA , EMA , Double-EMA, Triple-EMA, or Hull.
-Use "50 MA TREND COLOR" to have the 50 turn green/red for uptrend/downtrend.
-Use "DAILY SOURCE ONLY" to always show daily averages regardless of timeframe.
-Use "SHOW LONG MA" to also include 100, 150, and 200 moving averages.
-Use "SHOW MARKERS" to show a small colored marker identifying which line is which.

-You can show Bollinger Bands and Parabolic SAR .
-You can highlight key reversal times (9:50-10:10 and 14:40-15:00).
-You can show price offset markers, where was the price "n" periods ago.

That last one is useful to show the level of prices which are about to "fall off" the moving average
and be replaced with current price. So for example, if current price is significantly below the
200-days-ago price, you can gauge the difficulty for the 200 MA to start climbing again.
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Awesome multi tool sir! I have been looking for a good blend of tools into a simple indicator. This is by far one of the best tools out there. Thank you so much for building this tool so us "dummies" have a chance to really use a high performance tool, without knowing how things work "under the hood"! I've been a trader for over 30+ years and really like the simplicity of this tool!
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