Pivot Trend

Hello Traders,

Another original idea is here with you. Actualy I can say that it's a breakout strategy that uses multiple Pivot Point's averages.

How it works?
- it finds the Pivot Points , you can set the length as you want
- it gets averages of Pivot Highs and Pivot Lows, you can set the number of Pivot Points to be included
- it compares the current closing price with averages of Pivot Highs and Pivot Lows
- if both are positive or negative then trend changes

You have two options:
- Pivot Point Period => is the length that is used to find Pivot Points . means it checks left/right bars if it's Pivot Point (4 by default)
- Number of PP to check => is the number of Pivot Points that the script finds and calculates the averages (3 by default)

An Example with the settings Pivot Point Period = 5 and Number of PP to check = 2

Play with settings as you wish. Comments are welcome, together we can improve it ;)


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u did good and hard work for all of us, big thank you :)
+6 השב
Great script, will test it out. Thanks @LonesomeTheBlue for your hard work...
+4 השב
Love all of your scripts! Any way that you can add alerts to this?

many thanks
+4 השב
@Wilbur20, sure when I have time I will ;)
+1 השב
Wilbur20 LonesomeTheBlue
@LonesomeTheBlue, Thank You!!
+2 השב
Bearishness Wilbur20
yes please!!! I am happy to pay for this
LonesomeTheBlue Bearishness
@Bearishness, donations are welcome :) you can see my eth and btc address ;)
+2 השב
Awesome, thank you, sir !
+3 השב
LonesomeTheBlue BlueChipMutt
@BlueChipMutt, you are welcome!
I love your work bro... really good scripts... appreciate your smart and hard work....thank you
+3 השב
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