VIDYA Channel

Channel of High and Low with Variable Index Dynamic Average ( VIDYA )
הסר מסקריפטים מועדפים הוסף לסקריפטים מועדפים


Brilliant Work, Thank you So Much for your efforts.
I used to use Vidya but this channel is even better.

Some of the trades which I miss during the initial hours can also be caught up and a proper trailing of stop loss can be done.

Unfortunately, TV does not give an option to paste screenshots, Else I would have pasted some amazing entries.

More people should use this.

Once again, Great Work

Thank you and Warm Regards
Chethan Sharma
can you explain how it works
minnox destinyupload9
@destinyupload9 the lines next to the points is the calculation from the candle high and low. the second lines result from the difference of high and low, which gets added and subtracted.
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