Alpha Gold - Fractal Trend + Impulsive Weighting

The Alpha BOT team has been hard at work developing an official Alpha indicator suite that can be used in most if not all markets and time frames with similar results.

This is indicator #2 in the suite used for Trend identification which can compliment others in the suite.
We have developed all of the suite indicators with the user in mind making them as simple and easy to follow as possible as there is enough noise in the market already.
Alerts are built in and working. No Repainting nonsense.

We allow the ability to change the trending lengths and color scheme.

  • Green represents the formation of what is expected to be an uptrend.
  • Red represents the formation of what is expected to be an downtrend.
  • If you are not using the default Alpha color scheme then you will see no color if the trend requirements are not met

For info on gaining access see the link below in our signature field to join our Discord and DM any of the Alpha TEAM members.
Nov 20
הערות שחרור: Fractal Trend now has a dynamic look back which creates a much more reactive nature and reduced signalling while in chop ranges.

This as well as the addition of a more simplistic input menu will ensure increased ease of use for users.
Nov 23
הערות שחרור: Reduction of plotting options for ease of use.

Some minor tweaking to mechanics but should be even more fluent for the user. :)
Dec 01
הערות שחרור: Now included a version number that can be checked in our discord to ensure the most recent version is in use.

Changed some of the dynamics to show a better short/long term trend.
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