Dynamic Momentum Oscillator (DYNAMO) by M.YALCIN

In July 1996 Futures magazine, E. Marshall Wall introduces the Dynamic Momentum Oscillator (Dynamo). Please refer to this article for interpretation.

The Dynamo oscillator is a normalizing function that adjusts the values of a standard oscillator for trendiness by taking the difference between the value of the oscillator and a moving average of the oscillator and then subtracting that value from the oscillator midpoint.

Dynamo Oscillator is calculated according to:

Dynamo = Mc - ( MAo - O )


Mc = the midpoint of the oscillator
MAo = a moving average of the oscillator
O = the oscillator


This concept can be applied to most oscillators to improve their results.
This example applies it to an RSI oscillator in MetaStock:

50-( Mov ( RSI (14),21,S)-RSI(14))

Mc = RSI's midpoint = 50
MAo = Moving average of the RSI = Mov ( RSI (14),21,S
O= RSI Oscillator = RSI (14)

Also with this indicator, you can adjust the moving average type and RSI calculation types dynamically.

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