Bixord: ATR Target & Stop

Hello Traders,

You may have heard that it's highly advised you should know where your target and stoploss points are before you enter a trade.
One of the great indicators in history is the average true range a.k.a ATR.

Here is how you can use the ATR to set your target at 1.5 x ATR and stoploss at 2 x ATR:
This indicator shows you where the 1.5 x ATR and 2 x ATR from bar close on chart instead of manually calculating it by hand.
הערות שחרור: Hello Traders,

This indicator is based on ATR and helps you set your target and stoploss easily without manually calculating it.

How to use this indicator:
Long: Choose your favorite x ATR (1.5 or 2)
then you can set your target on the same bar you placed your long

Short: Choose your favorite x ATR (-1.5 or -2)
then you can set your stop loss on the same bar you placed your short
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