Retail Slayer Strategy

Retail Slayer Strategy
Intended Markets: Forex, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, and metals ( Gold , Silver )
Timeframe Use: 15 minutes only
Trailing Stop: 35-pips for Forex

The purpose of this strategy is to answer the question many retail traders have: Why does it feel like trades go against me immediately after placing a buy/sell? This strategy puts you into the position of taking trades against the majority of retail traders.

The underlying logic of this strategy involves the use of specific momentum, volatility , intra-week, and intra-day data to determine whether certain extremes that exist in common retail oscillators are truly indicative of a corrective move or a trend reversal. This strategy checks against those conditions to monitor whether certain breaks of certain price ranges are truly honest, or just fake-outs.

The 35-pip trail is intended for all of the Intended Markets listed above (ticks/points where necessary), and the 15-minute chart is also intended for all of the above-Intended Markets. There are options for you to adjust the trailing-stop, profit target, and stop(s) to fine-tune an instrument to your desired settings. However, I would recommend you stick with the 15-min , 35-pip default settings until you are more familiar with how this strategy works.

To utilize this strategy as an alert, simply add it to your chart then click on the Strategy Tester below. You will see a small alarm clock icon next to the cog-wheel - click the Alarm Icon and you can create the alert utilizing this strategy.
You will receive a notification warning you that this strategy can cause issues with repainting, and that is a known issue. However, with any strategy, it pays to confirm and do your own due diligence before committing to any trade. This strategy is intended to help identify and confirm entries in conjunction with your own analysis.

To inquire about access, please send me a PM. Please reach out if you have any questions.

הערות שחרור: - Significant changes that increase positive expectancy rates.

Retail Slayer Update v1.03
Each pair will auto-close at a specific hour 1x a day. So don’t be surprised to see several hours of nothing generating on each pair at various times of the day – this is on purpose.
Greatly enhanced, specific levels to use on only these select pairs. Use these specific time frames for these specific pairs and on these pairs only:

USDCAD – 144min
NZDUSD – 26 min
NZDJPY – 15 min
GBPUSD – 12 min
GBPNZD – 4 hour
GBPJPY – 9 min
GBPCAD – 12 min
GBPAUD – 15 min
EURUSD – 144 min
EURJPY – 12 min
EURAUD – 15 min
AUDUSD – 18 min
AUDJPY – 18 min
AUDCAD - 26 min
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how do I get access to this indicator?
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captainquenta kindacampo
@kindacampo, Throw me a PM.
Hi How can I try this ?
May I use this indicator?
captainquenta Joy_Bangla
@Joy_Bangla, Throw me a PM.
Hello, Can I please have access to the strategy? I would to try this and test it out. Thank you so much. -TL, Atlas
captainquenta TradeAlliance
@TradeAlliance, Throw me a PM.
I have not seen anything like this before there has been many who have tried to create a strategy/indicator to simulate what we have here with the retail slayer. Paired with the correct time frame as instructed with this indicator and your own analysis I do not believe there is a more powerful trading tool out there this RETAIL SLAYER is second to none!!!
This is an tremendous tool. An absolute game changer. Thank you for being an absolute innovator. ATLAS & Beyond Trading, the VP of Education Jon Morgan, and all the educators are out of this world. I am only a beginner, and they are shaving years off of my trading. They are flattening the learning curve for thousands. Thank goodness for the Retail Slayer.
I've used this indicator and I must say I am very impressed. The entries and exits aligned to what I had previously charted as scenarios but even more importantly I enjoyed the alerts sent from the retail slayer to allow me to make a sound decision before when executing a trade.
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