Wyckoff Springs [QuantVue]

The Wyckoff Springs indicator is designed to identify potential bullish reversal patterns known as "springs" in the Wyckoff Method. A Wyckoff spring occurs when the price temporarily dips below a support level, then quickly rebounds, suggesting a false breakdown and a
potential buying opportunity.

How it works:
Pivot detection:
  • The indicator identifies pivot lows based on the specified pivot length.
  • These pivot points are stored and analyzed for potential spring patterns.

Volume and Range Checks:
  • If volume confirmation is enabled, the indicator checks if the current volume exceeds a threshold based on the average volume over the specified period.
  • The indicator ensures that the price undercuts the defined trading range before confirming a spring pattern.

Spring Identification
  • The indicator checks for price conditions indicative of a Wyckoff spring: a temporary dip below a pivot low followed by a close above it. The recovery must take place within 3 bars.
  • If these conditions are met, a spring label is placed below the bar.

Pivot Length:
  • The user can set the pivot length to match any style of trading.

Volume Confirmation:
  • An optional feature where the user can specify if volume confirmation is required for a spring signal.
  • Volume threshold can be set to determine what constitutes significant volume compared to the average volume over a specified period. By default it is set to 1.5

How to Trade a Spring:

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